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You spend time, effort, and money creating awesome YouTube videos. But if your SEO game isn’t top-notch, your videos will be buried in the search results by your competitors’ videos, only to be seen by those who love endlessly scrolling. If that the case, then you need tubics.

Strong SEO is the key to getting your content seen by everyone. Enter tubics! Next stop: millions of YouTube views and the top of the SERP.

Tubics is a powerful YouTube SEO tool that helps content creators and brands boost views on their videos.

Meet Tubics!

Video Transcript

So I heard you started making YouTube videos. Yay!! I’m super proud of you. I hope our AppSumo videos have been a great source of inspiration for you. BUT if I were to ask you how your videos were doing in search and rankings…would you have any idea? Probably not. Most business owners, throw up a couple of videos on YouTube and pray for the best…and while that may be the easiest thing to do..it’s certainly not the best that you can do.

So I want you to stay tuned for today’s product showcase, because today’s tool is going to help you optimize your videos for search, so they get the views that they deserve! What’s up Sumo-lings, I’m Chrystie with AppSumo & today we are talking about Tubics which is an SEO tool that helps you get more organic views on your YouTube videos from Google & on YouTube. You’ll get started by signing into Tubics with your YouTube channel.

In an instant, your videos will get synced and analyzed by the Tubics platform. The dashboard is your central starting point for all of your video insights. From here you’ll be able to see the SEO status of your videos. You’ll see how your videos rank for your targeted keywords and get recommendations of how to optimize your videos. As you can see on the top right, the recommendations for this video including adding keyword tags to the video. In just a click of a button, I can add the recommended tags to my video.

The from the video edit page, you can check your title, tags & descriptions against a number of important SEO criteria and then make those changes right within the platform. You can also see what your video will look like in Google search & on YouTube. Tubics also helps you search for relevant tags and keywords. I can enter one of my main keywords in this search bar, and Tubics will present me with dozens of other related keywords that I should consider. I can then add those additional keywords to my video. From the ranking section, you can track your most important keywords and see how your videos rank for each of those keywords and how those rankings have changed.

From the Tubics Audit section, you can see your overall channel status like the number of subscribers, the total number of uploaded videos, and views. The audit section will also give you some broad-based suggestions for optimizing your channel. So if you are ready to start optimizing your YouTube channel, then you’ll definitely want to check out Tubics…

Today we are talking about Tubics which is an SEO tool that helps you get more organic views on your YouTube videos from Google & on YouTube. Check it out here: https://appsumo.pxf.io/kPV2V

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